F1Hybrids Frosting

"F1Hybrids Alba"(retired) & "F1Hybrids Frosting"(Retired) were first in the world and in 2011 were the only high percentage 62% silver F1 females to have reproduced. Frosting's babies were OUTSTANDING in temperament and breed type. She has male F2s that put F1s to shame. Frosting was from a epic litter of 6 kittens, a true gift. Losing her was the hardest lose of a cat that I have experienced. I delivered by hand into this world and I will always remember her with gratitude.

  • Pairing: F2 Savannah Cat x Serval
  • Generation: F1 Savannah Cat
  • Color: Silver Spotted Tabby
  • Gender: Female

Frosting's Photos