Bodhicats Hansel

Upcoming 2017 -  F7 SBT Savannah Cat

Bodhicats Hansel-so-Hot is everything I could have desired in a silver stud male. His legs are extra long with a lovely short tail to compliment his lanky legs. His ears are upright and rounded at the tips. His facial structure is a wonderful wedged triangle. His black eyeliner and nose is just the cherry on top. He just has so many traits that are so easily lost. I strongly believe with the females I have chosen for him that the pairs will be above excellent.

Many thanks to Sofia Kirk of Bodhicats for meeting with me and entrusting me with such a darling charmer of a boy.

  • Generation: SBT F6 Savannah Cat
  • Color: Silver Black Spotted Tabby
  • Dam:  Wyldthingz Dharma (F6 SBT - TICA Champion)
  • Sire:  Myafricats Tracy (F5 SBT - Sired Supreme Grand Champion)