F1Hybrids Maddy

Test Negative - PKD, SMA, HCM, FIV/FELV

Maddy is 58% F1 Savannah Cat meaning she is higher exotic content, her mother is an F3 Savannah Cat and father is a African Serval.  She is the most well rounded example of a silver colored savannah cat produced to date.   She never fails to be soft spoken, followed by kisses and a big puffy tail to greet you with. Her captivating white silver coat catches everyone's attention. She is out of "F1hybrids Marcy" and "Falkor The Serval".

  • Pairing: F3 Savannah Cat x Serval
  • Generation: F1 Savannah Cat
  • Color: Silver Spotted Tabby

Maddy's Photos