Savannah Cat Diet

Savannah Cats do not require a raw meat diet, however properly balanced raw recipes hold the best nutritionally balanced content you can provide. It is strongly suggested you consider a raw diet for your cat.

Dry Cat Foods are often used but it is important to make sure they are as balanced as possible. Non-essential items in Dry Cat Food include corn, wheat, and rice. Dry Cat Foods often have ingredients that may not look essential but are, here are a few of those ingredients. Potatoes are added for carbohydrates or to keep kibble form. Sweat potatoes are used for fiber to harden stools or to keep kibble form.Yeast is added as a probiotic. Common referred to as dried aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract. Dry Cat Foods often list "chicken meal" as an ingredient. Chicken meal is the rendered chicken. Rendered chicken is the muscle without the by chicken by products. Chicken By Products are gut, feet and etc. Chicken meal is legally permitted to contain 4-D meat (dying chickens prior to butchering, chickens already dead prior to butchering, diseased chickens and disabled chickens.)

Raw diets can be pre-made mixtures, home-made mixtures and whole prey. Any pre-made or home-made mixture needs to be properly balanced. Feeding requires more education material then can be listed on this page, additional resourse links are listed below;

Dry Cat Foods

  • EVO Dry
  • Taste Of The Wild Dry
  • Natures Variety Instinct Raw Coated
  • Ojein

Pre-Made Raw

  • Hare-Today-Gone-Tommorrow
  • Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw

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