Savannah Cat Shipping

Shipping Within USA

Savannah Cats are a domestic breed, they do not require special requirments when traveling in the USA.

Shipping Internationally

Shipping internationally is not as simple as picking up on a plane, you must follow proper protocol otherwise the cat can be legally collected then euthanized/detained indefinably.

  • Both shipper and receiver must have import/export licenses.
  • Cat must be inspected by Fish & Wildlife day of departure (leaving and entering USA).
  • Cat must have USDA health certificate.
  • Cat must have/supply five generation pedigree.
  • Cat must have TICA registration.
  • Cat must have all shots including rabies.
  • Europe countries require rabies titer.
  • F1 - F4 must have CITES paperwork required by USA government (leaving and entering USA).

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