Tube & Bottle Feeding Kittens

Feeding Mixture

  1. Powder Mix (0-2 Weeks)
    1. Milk Matric Ratio is 1 scoop powder per 3 scoop water.
  2. Dry Mix (3-12 Weeks)
    1. Typical Ratio is 1 scoop dry, 1 extra scoop water per every 2 scoops powder.
    2. Increase ratio of dry scoops based off feeding schedule listed below, if kittens are crying in between feedings they need more dry scoops to mix to remain full longer. Always add 1 extra scoop water per 1 dry scoop added.

Feeding Schedule

  • 0-2 weeks every two hours of powder mix.
  • 3-4 weeks every four hours.
  • 4-6 weeks every five hours but sleep through the night.
  • 6-12 weeks three feedings at morning, noon and night. Leave out dry.

Tube Feeding

Tube feeding is used when a kitten refuses to suckle, unable to suckle or special circumstances. Kittens 0-4 weeks of age normally refuse the bottle at first. If kittens are healthy and you know when they last ate then give them 4-8 hours to become hungry before offering bottle, tube feed if unable/refusal (Can take up to 4 tube feedings before they cave!). Tube feeding ages 0-4 weeks at night can be beneficial when feeding large litters as it saves so much time if feeding ever couple of hours. The prognosis for a kitten who will not suckle long term is not good, typically no sucking after extended period of time can indicate serious problems such as being underdeveloped.

Tube Feeding Supplies

  1. Luer Lock Syringe 10 or 20 cc  (will attach to feeding tube)
  2. 3cc - Premature kittens
  3. 3.5fr Feeding Tube - Premature kittens
  4. 5fr Feeding Tube – 1 to 6 Wks
  5. 8fr Feeding Tube – 6 to 10 Wks (Older kittens can chew tubes in half, use if emergency)

Bottle Feeding Supplies

  • Bottles
  • PetAg - 4 oz. 
  • Tighen tid to control milk flow.
  • Nipples
  • PetAg Ready-to-Feed Nipple
  • Use razor blade, shave small increments until desired hole size
  • Milk
  • Zoologic Milk Matrix 33/40
  • Only use KMR in emergency, replace asap.
  • Formula Mixer Bottle