Kitten Incubator

Sadly, Joe Freed, the owner of Petiatric, passed away. The entire rehabber community along with many breeders, are incredibly indebted to Joe for his kind heart and amazing work that will live on for years to come. I am now exclusively using Brinsea incubators (actually called “intensive care units”).

Brinsea incubators are great quality, easy to clean, and have solid sides to give the babies more security and reduce the stress on them. These units also have a digital temperature control, air filtration, an immersible bottom for easy cleaning, and a clear door so rehabbers can keep an eye on the babies.

You can find cheaper incubators on the market, and certainly homemade versions can be assembled for less, but they are not as reliable. Please consider Brinsea.

I own two of these!


What Temperature To Use For Kittens?

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