Brutus - F2 Savannah Kitten

Long lanky legs, big giant ears and triangular face. Brutus is independent and very very mellow for a F2. Right now he is out shinned by my other kittens and takes a role in the back. When he is alone with me he wants to show affection but also do his own thing. In a only cat home he will bond with you. He is not the typical savannah cat personality. He does not acknowledge the cat wand often. He is super awkward build like a newborn giraffe, he is going to be extremely lanky and long.

  • No dogs, no children under 6 (He doesn't like dogs and kids are too high paced)
  • Already neutered & micro-chipped
  • DOB: July 17th 2016
  • Sire: A1Savannahs Ton
  • Dam: F1Hybrids Maddy