Ivory - F6 SBT Savannah

Ivory is an F6 Savannah female born August 9th 2017. She is a lovely shade of light brown with darker brown spots. She has never had a litter. She is uninterested in being a mom so we fixed her. She does like to cuddle but dislikes being moved around to new places so it will take time to adjust. She is a very polite well mannered "lady". It is going to take patience to bond with this girl, she is sweet at heart and needs time to adjust to a new home.

*Domestic size, not a huge cat*

Ready to leave after March 23rd 2019.

Re-homing price is $350 includes spay, rabies, hard plastic carrier.

If interested;

  • must have well-behaved dogs

  • must have children over 3yrs who are well behaved

  • must have 1 or less cats

  • must pick up in Tennessee