Thor - F2 Savannah Kitten

WOW sums it all up. Stunning type and pattern combined. With pouty thick lion whisker pads. Intense color contrast with jet black spots. Bottle raised and has to be a pick kitten of 2014. You can almost never get a F1 or F2 boy of this quality I am so grateful to mom, maybe she will give me a girl like this!

  • Pairing: Frosting x Bruce
  • Generation: F2 Savannah Kitten
  • Color: Brown spotted
  • Gender: Male



Dear Michelle, My god he was better behaved than our Manx in the car!  He slept and purred on my lap most of the car ride home. Thanks for raising such a sweetie! He threw him self into the shower this morning with me. Thanks Megan

Dam & Sire