Re-home for proper home ONLY

Before you inquire read this ENTIRELY.

Bean was born August 3rd 2016. He is looking to be re-homed as an ONLY cat, he must be picked up in Illinois. He has started nipping to get attention, currently he lives with two other cats and he feels like the odd man out. Nipping could be something he will do going forward, it is not out of aggression but desire for attention. He is a good boy who is loved, the owners simply can not provide enough attention.

  1. Must be the only cat, will consider a secondary cat if it passes evaluation.
  2. Must provide lots of time, attention and dedication.
  3. When inquiring give a detailed explanation of your home and lifestyle.

Written by his owners; "Bean (Previously known as Tommy) is very loyal, sweet, and loving. He loves to be the center of attention and to give the Savannah head butt to show his affection. Bean comes running when you call his name. He likes to be held like a baby and loves to purr when he's being petted. He likes Blue Buffalo Wilderness wet food."

F2 Savannah Cat

  • I am microchipped, neutered, with rabies shot.
  • Ready To Go
  • DOB: August 3rd 2016
  • Sire: A1Savannahs Ton
  • Dam: F1Hybrids Frosting