Eleanor – F2 Savannah Cat

Hi Michelle! I want to thank you for the most wonderful cat I’ve ever had or been around!
She’s so intelligent. I’ve taught her to shake for her treat. She see’s the treat bag and immediately holds her paw out now. She brings me the loudest toy with a bell on it in bed in the morning and drops it on the pillow next to my head and head butts me a few times to wake up and throw her toy to start the day with a game of fetch. She sleeps at the foot of my bed with our other cat she loves so much unless I call her up to cuddle and she loves on me with this intense love unlike any other pet I’ve had. She has so much love to give us too! she loves my daughter and is so social and loving with everyone that comes to the house. Infact everyone that has met her is so impressed by her personality mire so than she remarkable beauty. She makes the most unique sounds!! I have watched video and videos of savannah cats and haven’t heard any chirp the way she does. She sounds like a squirrel when she is playing or telling when she is asking us to put her down. When I leave the room and close the door behind me she chirps this sound like she is saying ouch, ouch. Kinda like a serval or cheetah. She is already jumping about five feet in the air for a cat wand without running first. If we had more room she would be jumping a lot higher. She is so energetic and eager to play. She also has the most wonderful fur. She feels like a mink. Her disposition is our favorite thing about her, She’s so loving to all. I feel so blessed to have this kitty to love. She loves us back almost like a dog but better because she’s still a beautiful exotic cat.