Savannah Cat History

The first Savannah Cat documented was from an unplanned breeding in the early 1980s by Judee Frank, a then Bengal Cat Breeder.  The first Savannah produced was an F1 Savannah Cat female who was named “Savannah”. 

History Timeline

  1. Early 1980's first F1 Savannah Kitten was produced from unplanned paring.
  2. 1990's The first breeder starts actively breeding for Savannah Cats.
  3. Lorre Smith became the first TICA Savannah Breed Chair Person
  4. Breed accepted into TICA’s New Breed program as an “Experimental New Breed”
  5. Breed advanced to “Preliminary New Breed”
  6. Breed advanced to ” Advanced New Breed”
  7. 2012, Brigitte Cowell, was elected the first TICA Savannah Breed Chairman
  8. 2012, TICA accepts the breed for champion statues in the show ring.

Fun Fact

The Bengal Cat had already been around for over 15 years at the time the Savannah Cat had first been produced. Diffculties producing the Bengal Cat along with tempermant inherited by the Asian Leopard into the first generations of Bengals is though to have put breeders off from wanting to try other hybrid crosses.

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly was and continues to this day to be instrumental in the development and promotion of the Savannah Cat Breed although he is not a breeder.

He obtained his first pet Savannah Kitten in 1989. From there Patrick Kelly worked encouraging the establishment of breeding program for Savannahs.


Joyce Sroufe

Joyce Sroufe, considered the first founding breeder of the Savannah. Her first litter of Savannah Kittens was produced some time in 1994. Joyce has been retired from breeding for over 30 years.

Joyce bred more than just Savannah Cats. She had alot of cats over the years from Servals, Carcals, Cahusies, Bengals and much more.

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