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For over a decade we have specialized in bottle-raised F2 Savannah Kittens. F2's produced from our bloodlines are sought after around the world for their vibrant coats, dramatic spots, friendly temperaments and large size (17-22 lbs). F1 & F2 generations are the most sought after due to retaining the larger exotic cat size. Savannah Kittens from us are bottle-raised with our developmental program which exposes them to different surfaces, toys, textures, and noises to gain well-rounded personalities. Savannah Kittens from us will leave with a microchip, age appropriate vaccinations, full veterinarian exam, health record, health guarantee and fixed. A legally-binding sales contract will be signed prior to any payment. Kittens can be picked up in person or meet you at our airport (TYS). Professional photography done by us in our home, all rights reserved.

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Update: 9/15/2019


Rehoming - Johnnie F2 Savannah


Johnnie is a 5 ½ year old Savannah. He is brown with black stripes and spots. Out of Kopi (F1) and Bruce.  He has been kept indoors his whole life.  He is energetic and athletic, running around the house some every day and playing with ropes/toys on the cat tree.  He runs on the cat wheel once in a while.  He talks a lot and herds (owns) us often when we walk.  He has been quite healthy.  He is rarely a lap kitty.  He used to be closer with us physically, going under the bed covers and laying with us at night.  I believe his world has been upset completely by JoAnne his primary caregiver passing away and the owner’s elderly mother moving in which has cut off half the house.  He seems to now need to control the entire territory (house) as much as he can.  It is hard to tell if he wants to play and Rocky is unwilling, or if he is just trying to make him go away, this has resulted in fighting. Looking for a home that understands cats, will work hard with him, with dedication. He is not getting enough attention and needs a different living situation. Located in El Dorado, California.

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Picking out Your Savannah Kitten

What age do kittens leave?: Your breeder should keep kittens till at least 12wks-16wks. TICA code of ethics requires kittens to stay until at least 12 wks old. During this time kittens are learning proper manners from their litter-mates. Studies prove that core vaccines may not be effective till -+16wks of age when moms antibodies leave. Breeders offering early spay and neuter keep kittens until they are healed completely.

Pricing: Prices of our Savannah Kittens reflects confirmation to breed standard, temperament, vet care, bottle-raising, difficulty to produce and documentation of all our cats (adults/examples/selected kitten).  We want you to find the best kitten for your home. We put in the extra time to evaluate our kittens prior to placement.

Transport: Come visit us to see your kitten in person, we prefer you meet us in person. We can meet you at our nearest airport (TYS). Hand delivery is an additional service we can provide. If hand delivered your pet will be in cabin never cargo. No strangers will be handling your pet. Your pet is seated with us on the airplane and never leaves our side.

Verification: Scammers are making websites. Scammers are quickly identifiable as not TICA registered. Verify your breeder is TICA registered by asking for their membership card, their voluntary code of ethics and website listing. Ask for all of these items then double check with TICA. We strongly suggest picking your kitten up in person. When you pick-up in person you're ensuring your kitten and breeder are real.

Thank you for considering our program. We look forward to your inquiry.