Judge - F1 Savannah Cat

Judge - F1 Savannah Cat

"Hello Michelle, here is an update on Judge. First I wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful animal that has become the main focus of our family. On February 28th he turned one year old, he is 16 lbs and full of love and joy. I always thought that F1's were not the most social cats however Judge loves when we have company. He even likes little children!! He loves to be held and picked up plus he is a serious lap cat. Last summer we found out that he loves swimming in our pool, we can't wait for this summer to reintroduce him to water. We have 3 Savannahs, Judge plus we have and F4 and F6. All from different breeders. Judge is definitely the most social and well adapted of the 3 which to me is surprising since he is an F1. It is a testament to your breeding and raising when he was a infant. Thank you again, much love, Sarah and Michael"

Eros - F1 Savannah Cat

"Michelle, Thank you will never express how appreciative Our family is with the addition of F1 Savannah, Eros in September! He has to be the best kitten ever born! It is because of you and your expertise in raising the kittens from infancy. He has the best temperament , friendly to everyone including my little grandchildren, sleeps with us, sits in your lap every time you sit down, puffs his tail in excitement upon my return home, plays fetch and is so inquisitive! If you ever need a spokesperson who is a firm believer in YOU, I'm here! Thank you, Jeannie"

Mr.Bubbles - F1 Savannah Cat

"Hello Michelle, Here are some of the latest pictures of Mr.B. I will take some more pics while he is awake and send it to you. He is such a sweet kitty! I take him with me when I travel for my job. Thank you"

Owned By Super Model, Valentina Zelyaeva



Maxwell – F1 Savannah Cat

"Dear Michelle, Abigail & Maxwell have have exceeded our expectations in every way! From the moment we first opened their carrier it was apparent they were raised with love and affection. They are both extremely social and loving…. not at all standoffish or afraid of visitors. They follow us around the house and have slept in the bed with us every night from the very start. We are so happy we decided to get both as they give us constant entertainment! Thank You Michelle! - The Shaws"

The Hound - F2 Savannah Cat

“Hey Michelle! Just checking in with you. We took our boy to the vet today. Everyone there fell in love with him and instantly started taking pics of him and started passing him around! He loved being the center of attention. His check up went extremely well. He is as healthy as can be! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. We love him to pieces and he is so spoiled already!! I have to say he has the best personality!! He instantly purrs when we play with him or pet him. We have been putting his harness on him every now and then and he is tolerating it very well! He has been sleeping with us in bed at night and is doing great. He is always so wore out at night from all the attention and play time he gets during the day. He is so funny to watch, he just does the cutest things! :) — Alecia"

Heaven Sent - F2 Savannah Cat

"Dear Michelle, Bell just celebrated her 2nd birthday and she has become such a big girl.  She weighed in at 22 lbs. during her last visit to the vet for a check-up. She doesn't like to be held but is still my constant companion never more than a foot away. She lays on me at night (all 22 lbs.) and purrs up a storm when I pet her. This is what she looks like at 2."

Alfred - F2 Savannah Cat

Alfred, F2 Savannah Cat

Alfred, F2 Savannah Cat



Ice & Bear - F2 Savannah Cats

"Hi Michelle- Bear was named Suitcase...... it made sense, as I got to know him.  Both boys from you like their names, and come, when called.  Suitcase he's a little bit more careful about things but lovable, and super affectionate, all the same. Suitcase never refuses a head butt. The boys are impeccable with the cat boxes.  You did a great job with training. They turn 1 year old, today!  Koška is 22 pounds now, and Suitcase is almost 18. They're the same length. Thank you"

Abigail - F2 Savannah Cat

Abigail F2 Savannah Cat

Abigail F2 Savannah Cat

Growing Up Pictures

Redford – F2 Savannah Cat

"Redford has been with us for 6-weeks now! We are so happy to have him as part of our family. He’s out going, loves to play, snuggles next to us at night & will be starting leash training in the next couple weeks. I’ve never had a kitten that arrived so well socialized (we were at the vet the other day, he let everybody hold & pet him). You cannot go wrong with getting a kitten from Michelle!"

Alex - F2 Savannah Cat

“Dear Michelle, Loving this beautiful baby… The skinny boy is now 1yr and 18 pounds. He is also an avid fan if his favorite team, the Wildcats. He was glued to the game last night.He has his moments, but he has been such a good boy and becoming a wonderful companion. He joined me to visit a home bound relative yesterday which was about 125 miles r/t. He was fabulous once he settled in. Thank You Again Michelle.”

John Snow - F2 Savannah Cat

"Michelle I am so grateful to have John Snow & Derek in my life. They are exactly what I asked for."

Amazon Jane – F2 Savannah Cat

"Amazon Jane is the sweetest cat ever and she has such a soft voice. When she meows you can barely hear it. She’s just sooo cute. Can’t get over how cute she is. - Ralph Tran"

Yaya – F2 Savannah Cat

"Hi Michelle, We are so in love with our Savannah, YaYa. She is our baby girl. She loves to fetch her favorite toys, & plays hide and seek. She is beautiful, healthy, loving & we are blessed to have her. Thanks,  The Pritt Family"

Jeanette – F2 Savannah Cat

"I was very nervous being a first time cat-owner, but having Amira (Jeanette) around has been an absolute blessing. She’s very cuddly, she has the cutest chirps and meows, and she behaves better than most of my friends’ cats. It’s such a joy to have her around and she is just full of love, not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous. She is the best cat I can ask for and much more, and I am so grateful that I can have her! I couldn’t help but get a second cat from Michelle named Knightly (Tater Salad) who adores everyone. - Yidan Zhu & Phillip Bracewell"